Two years after the clean-tech startup was founded, the very first SINN Power wave energy converter module was installed at the breakwater wall in Heraklion, Greece. The prototype was built after several scaled wave channel testings. 

Technical facts: 

  • Proof of functionality 

  • Corrosion-resistant surface

  • Amount of generators: 4 


As part of the "6th Energy Research programme", funded by the Federal Government of Germany, SINN Power installed the module generation 2.0 with mechanical and electrical improvements and an overall cost reduction. 

Technical improvements: 

  • Improved mechanical design

  • Fully design makeover for floating bodies (less fragile attack surface) 

  • Improved power electronics

  • Generators are now in IP 68 protection class 


The third generation follows in 2019 after 2.0 survived a stormy winter season in Heraklion. SINN Power is now ready to reach the final module setup. Construction, mechanics and power electronics will be fully developed. 

Technical improvements: 

  • Different variations of generators are possible 

  • Storm emergency brake system

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