SGrid - ModTroniX 4.0

Smart-Grid Electronics for harsh Environments

IP 68 tightness

Plug & play

800 V DC minibus-system

Remote diagnostic services

SGrid Smart-Grids

Electronics for the entire path from power generation to grid feed-in

With our components, different power generators can be connected, power storage can be installed on water and on land and the feed-in into public on-grid or private off-grid networks can be enabled.

Variety of different system types and sizes

Based on the 800 V DC bus and the electronic module groups, a large variety of systems can be created. 

For example, large PV-only generation systems can be implemented or small hybrid systems with storage can be designed to supply a few households.

Hafen_future 10.jpg
Hafen_future 2.jpg

Functional Strings

Combination of different power electronic and / or storage modules


Powercube_Rotation200 2.png


Large stationary combination of different power elecronic and / or storage modules 



Combination of electrical machines with different power electronic and / or storage modules

IP 68 rated


Sea-water resistant,

desert suited

Integration of multiple

power sources

  • Wind turbines

  • Photovoltaic modules

  • Wave energy converters

  • Gen-sets

one-stop solution

Most economical solution of its kind

System Design

Modular Composition

The ModTroniX product portfolio contains a great variety of state of art components from power generation through storage to grid connection. The combination of specific modules results in a wide range of functional strings.

Modular Power

Based on the modular approach ModTroniX, identical modules can also be combined to increase power and capacity levels within a string.

Plug and Play

A core feature of ModTroniX is the drastic reduction of cabling. Modules are simply plugged into each other and fixed with integrated screws, as seen in the image on the right.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-06 um
Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-06 um

Front and Rear Cover

Every ModTroniX string is sealed by a front and rear cover. Both covers are equipped with a handle to facilitate handling and installation. The front cover is typically mounted to the junction box, which provides possibilities for cabling. The cover is made from a translucent polymer allowing accousitc and optical signals to provide information on the system state.


Every ModTroniX module is equipped with a multifunctional backplane over which the internal 800 V DC bus is enabled. All modules adapt intelligently to this 800 V DC level. Additionally, all relevant module and string data can be accessed via OPCUA. 

IP 68 Aluminum Profile

The patented precision extruded aluminum profile is a key part of ModTroniX. Its design enables a broad operating temperature window and guarantees the unique IP68 tightness for harshest environments. Furthermore the profile was designed to offer a great variety of installation options and is key enabler for the modular system design.

Dimensions: 236 mm x 236 mm (width and height)


(E-Machine Controller)

The MotorDrive controls an electrical machine with variable-speed at user-specific parameterization of the torque performance.

DC Converter

(for Photovoltaics)

With a range from 40 V up to 800 V the DC converter manages the charging and discharging process of the battery storage. Furthermore it enables the integration of DC energy sources such as PV plants.

> Rated Power: 5.4 kW

> Length: 100 mm

> Rated Power: 15 kW

> Length: 239.5 mm

AC Inverter

This component forms the interface to customary AC grid and enables both isolated and grid operation.

> Rated Power: 6.9 kW

> Length: 206 mm

DC Converter
(for Battery and Supercaps)

With a range from 40 V up to 800 V the DC converter manages the charging and discharging process of the battery storage. Furthermore it enables the integration of DC energy sources such as PV plants.

> Rated Power: 15 kW

> Length: 239.5 mm

LFP Storage

Battery systems from 4 to 28 kWh capacity can be controlled with one DC controller and battery management system.

> Rated Capacity: 2.1 kWh

> Length: 440 mm

Supercap Storage

These modules allow the short-term storage of large amounts of electricity for the purpose of peak load management.

> Rated Capacity: 24.2 Wh

> Length: 330 mm

Electrical Machine

The MTX LS is a bi-directional eletric machine, developed specifically to provide highest efficiency along the entire speed range. Coated in the IP68 housing, the MTX LS is not only ready for duty in harshest environments, but also thermally optimized to permanently perform at maximum performance.

> Rated Power: 5.4 kWp

> Torque: 50 Nm
> Nominal RPM: 1000 rpm

> Length: 177 mm

Different Power-Ups

Various attachments like brake, gear, bearing extend the range of applications.


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