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SLake Floating PV Platform

Floating Photovoltaics Solution
scalable for Multi-Megawatt Projects


 Floating PV - Sample Dam Solution

Custom dimension for harsh environments (saltwater) 
an economical renewable energy solution

SLake Floating PV Platform

New swimming photovoltaic platform SLake "Water Lily" durable, modular and economical.

Due to scarcity of land, swimming platforms for calm and freshwater PV systems will be an innovative renewable energy solution for mitigating climate change.


  • SLake - Floating PV Platform Water Lily

  • Pilot Demo Project Launch

  • Power Electronics - ModTroniX (MTX)

  • Statement Dr. Philipp Sinn, CEO 

SLake in a nutshell

  • With each kWh generated electricity, 1 kg CO2 can be saved compared to coal fired power plants (EIA, 2021)

  • 5 - 10 % more electricity generation than land-based PV due to water cooling (Floating solar market report, 2019)

  • Stable and durable freshwater solutions due to our expertise in maritime environments

  • Aluminum alloys from our offshore applications prevent corrosion

  • Structure is made of 100 % recyclable material

  • Flexible and strong mooring

  • Structure is optimized for standard shipping cost-saving

  • Easy on-site installation


SLake - Modular Calm Water PV

Convincing with its durability and simplicity, the structure is flexibly adaptable to different size and arrangement configurations and can also be extended later.

The components used are always the same, which are specifically designed for easy transport and assembly.


Floating Body Material

0.76 m x 0.76 m x 0.76 m

Calm and Freshwater Floating PV Applications 

  • Dams and Canals

  • Aquaculture Farms

  • Water ponds

  • Formerly mining lakes

  • Industrial waste water

  • Quarry ponds / flooded gravel pit

  • Lakes 

  • Storage Reservoirs

  • Brackish water 

  • Port areas

SLake (Water Lily) - Launch Event

SINN Power "Water Lilly" Launch Event
SINN Power "Water Lilly" Launch Event

Floating Photovoltaics Platform - Presentation and Launch Event

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SINN Power "Water Lilly"
SINN Power "Water Lilly"

Floating PV Photovoltaic Platform for Lakes and dams

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SINN Power "Water Lilly"
SINN Power "Water Lilly"

Floating Solar Platform for calm waters

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