Ocean Hybrid Platform

Heavy Duty - No Foundation

Maximum robustness


Little maintenance

Modular platform for various applications

Initially designed to produce energy from ocean waves, the SINN Power floating structure is outstandingly suited to serve another purpose as carrying platform for various applications. Firstly, can it easily be adapted to serve as floating platform for wind and solar applications and secondly lays a serious opportunity in applications for tourism and leisure sector.

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Harsh environmental conditions require careful design 

State-of-art materials

IP68 electrical components and salt-water resistant
materials ensure maximum life-time and minimum maintenance

High-tech buoy

Robust, lightweight, maintenance-friendly buoy for maritime environment and a buoyancy distribution aiming at reducing the impact of waves

Modular design

SINN Power's structure can be designed in various layouts according to specific demands

Lightweight construction

Optimized weight to buoyancy ratio for cost-efficient production

  • Load bearing capacity up to 20 t for a 2 x 2 structure

  • The design of the buoys guarantees a minimum relative movement of the entire structure with regards to incoming waves of up to 2m. The platform stability is up to 10m.

  • SINN Power‘s patented system can be used to actively regulate the platforms height above water level: assumed levelling up to 3m.

  • Cost-efficient platform-layout 

  • Easy shipping with ISO containers and simple installation worldwide

  • High flexibility in layout and design due to modular approach (12 m x 12 m roster)

  • Efficient maintenance due to easy access to substructure

Structural simulation - buoy concept comparison

OHP - combining Wave, Wind and Photovoltaics.

The perfect layout for any location: SINN Power's OHP can be customized according to each location's specific climate conditions.

Wave Energy

Integration of 4 Wave Energy Converters per floating unit with power ratings depending on wave climate.

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For regions with low potential for wave energy, the platform can be equipped with up to 20kW per floating unit.

Wind Power

Small wind turbines are a great source of renewable energy. Up to 4 wind turbines at 6 kWp can be equipped per floating unit.

Full Hybrid | Wave, PV, Wind

The full hybrid OHP is equipped with all the above renewable energy technologies. In suitable locations, customers will benefit from highest base load capacity, reducing the need of storage and therefore cutting costs.​

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WEC Module

Equipped with a smart mounting system and a safety mode the wave energy converter module can be installed on several sites such as off-shore platforms and harbour walls.

WEC Array

Easily transported in ISO containers and quickly assembled, our wave energy converter array allows self-sufficient energy supply for near-shore locations.

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