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Floating Solutions

More than 70 percent of the world is covered with water. Let us use this mostly untapped area to the world's advantage: To generate renewable energy.

The possibilities of our floating structures are endless: Offshore solarparks, green hydrogen, desalination, aquafarming, harbour extentions, power supply for remote areas... you name it - we float it. 

Our different floating platform solutions provide a variety of outstanding benefits to fit your individual project needs on lakes, reservoirs, lagoons, and oceans. 

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Example Platform Sizes:

1 MWp approx. 85 x 70 m

12 MWp approx. 210 x 330 m

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Example Platform Sizes:

1 MWp approx. 85 x 70 m

12 MWp approx. 210 x 330 m

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Example Platform Sizes:

1 MWp approx. 72 x 72 m

10 MWp approx. 220 x 220 m

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Adaptability and Modularity

The core principle of SINN Power’s technology is adaptability. With its variety of different floating platforms, SLake, SLagoon and SOcean, SINN Power offers the perfect solution for various site-specific and environmental conditions. The platforms’ designs are based on modularity to flexibly meet the requirements of every costumer.

  • Individual platform solutions for different water environments and wave heights: SLake, SLagoon and SOcean

  • Size, shape and power output of the platforms can be individually adapted to the site-specific energy demand

  • Buoyancy of the platforms can be scaled according to the environmental conditions (e.g., wind, snow loads)

  • Platforms’ electrical and maintenance systems are as well based on modularity – SLake and SLagoon are therefore available in different versions: photovoltaics platform, walkway platform and heavy-duty platform

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The essence of SINN Power’s platform designs lies in its simplicity. Mass-producible standard components guarantee easy procurement, transport, construction and maintenance. All items are designed to be shipped in ISO containers, ensuring easy supply to even remote regions with less developed infrastructure.

  • Optimized component delivery, shipping in standardized containers

  • Quick, easy and scalable assembly on site with a minimum of tooling and standardized tools. Due to a step-by-step assembly of modular units on land (before connected in the water), only a small area is required.

  • Usage of durable and UV- and salt-water-resistant materials

  • Design of long-lasting mechanical connections

  • Cables and connectors are strain relieved and shielded against water ingress, corrosion, and exposure to sunlight

  • Remote access to the plant for predictive maintenance 

  • Electrical components (PV-modules, inverters, cabling, etc.) can be easily accessed via dedicated walkways

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Due to their robust design, SINN Power’s floating platforms are protected against regular as well as advanced environmental impact (storm, waves, snow, etc.). All components are designed according to dedicated directives and standards (DNV, et al.). Furthermore, hydrostatic as well as hydrodynamic simulations are carried out for every platform and mooring type using state-of-the-art software solutions.

  • Long-term experience in how to ensure reliability of technical equipment in harsh maritime environments (R&D site Heraklion, Greece)

  • Design of platforms and mooring systems for a lifespan of 20+ years

  • Usage of robust, maritime grade aluminum for platforms’ components

  • Certification of SLake, SLagoon and SOcean (including mooring systems) compliant with DNV-requirements, which means conducting extensive hydrostatic, hydrodynamic and FE analysis

  • Project and site specific hydrostatic, hydrodynamic and FE analysis compliant with local standards

  • Reliable and intelligent integration of electrical system

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Environmental Sustainability

  • Detailed Environmental Assessment as well as Life Cycle Assessment performed for all platform types ensures environmental sustainability

  • Selection of appropriate materials to avoid negative impacts on ecosystems

  • Reduction of water evaporation

  • Shadow cast reduces algae growth

  • Cooling effect of the water and reflection creates an optimal temperature to maximize photovoltaics output

Frau am See

Aiming to contribute to a climate-neutral future, SINN Power's technologies have been continuously developed. With an energy payback time of a few years, the SLake, SLagoon and SOcean platforms can be used to generate cost-efficient and carbon-neutral electricity. In addition, the use of the platforms on waters not only has a low environmental impact, but even brings benefits for flora and fauna.

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