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SP Cube 10

0.5MWh Lithium Storage Unit

Turn-key storage solution with IP68 rating and integrated power electronics for peak performance.

Plug & Play 0.5MWh ISO Container 

Derived from SINN Power's wave energy technology, the SINN Power Cube 10 provides an undisputed storage capacity for 10 foot containers. Quick and simple integration of solar PV, wind turbines and gensets is enabled by our plug & play solution.

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0.5 MWh

Charging Speed

1 C


IP 68

Full cycles


Areas of Application

Off-Grid power supply

The SINN Power Cube 10 is the ideal solution for decentralized energy systems. The plug & play integration of various energy sources (e.g. solar PV, wind turbines and gensets) is simple and allows for maximum flexibility in the system layout. 

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Off-Shore applications

Derived from SINN Power's wave energy converters, all components of the Power Cube meet IP68 requirements. This makes the Power Cube the ideal solution for off-shore applications where other systems fail to withstand the harsh maritime environments.

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Peak-Shaving for industrial applications

Balancing peak loads in industrial applications will result in significant financial benefits. The SINN Power Cube 10 will provide the required energy for heavy machinery and power intense tools when needed.

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Power back-up for sensitive applications

The SINN Power Cube can be used to provide reliable back-up power for sensitive infrastructure, such as server farms, hospitals and communication nodes. The IP68 rating will guarantee full functionality in harshest conditions and environments to keep crucial systems up and running.

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Key Facts

  • Dimensions: 

  • Weight:

  • Parallel connection enabled

  • Allows installation both on fixed objects or in an array on open sea

  • Consists of mass-producible standardized components

  • Easy transport in ISO containers and simple assembly

  • Remote diagnostic services

System Setup

Technological Highlights

High capacity in a minimum of space

Conventional storage system are not space efficient, because the container has to be accessed for maintenance. SINN Power's compartment alike layout in combination with the sophisticated design of the battery shell enables full utilization of the available space.

User-definable capacity

Modular components, wide freedom with regard to possible combinations and an actual plug and play system allow to size the capacity to the initial need and even enable changes after installation at the side, if needed.

Off-grid and on-grid usage

Our components are designed to perform well both in off-grid applications (e.g. integrating energy producing and consuming units) and in on-grid operation (e.g. peak-shaving). Our initial focus on compatibility with internal and system external units gives room for wider fields of application.

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