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Walking Under Gas Pipes


Repowering drilling rig!

Electricity from ocean waves - 

for individual consumption based on low maintenance cycles.

Repower your offshore drilling rig with the SINN Power Ocean Hybrid Power Platform to start your efficient hydrogen production!

Reasons to choose SINN Power!

4 -in-1 Solution.

Wave, Wind and PV - all in one. Equip your Ocean Hybrid Platform with the best possible technology fit for your needs. The platform can also be used for storage only.

Designed to excel.

SINN Power provides highest quality and perfomance in the maritime environment based on more than 5 years of extensive testing.

Industry 4.0 standard.

The SINN Power Ocean Hybrid Platform is fully connected and enables remote control, predictive maintenance and live analytics.


The structure is based on modularity. This ensures effortless shipping in ISO containers and simple installation to reduce operational costs.