Ocean Hybrid Platform

Renewable Electricity Production and
multipurpose Carrier-Platform


Custom Technology Carrier

A mix of power generation technologies based on local climate:​

  • Wave Energy Converters

  • Photovoltaics

  • Small Wind Turbines

Detailed explanations can be found in our last webinar:

The presentation of the OHP marked a milestone in ocean based renewable energy and infrastructure development.

Watch the webinar recording and download the slides to learn more about design, logistics, installation, power electronics and plenty more!


  • Ocean Hybrid Platform (OHP)

  • Power Electronics - ModTroniX (MTX)

  • Pilot Project "THOR"

  • Outlook and Opportunities

  • Q&A with our experts



There is room for 70 PV modules on one square, which corresponds to about 30 kW for modern modules. With the help of a coherent construction, a 3 MW PV park can be built very quickly and easily. 


Wave Energy Converter

Based on the maritime conditions and power demand, different setups are suitable for Wave Energy converter


Small Wind Turbines

Each corner point can attach either with a wave energy converter or small wind turbines of different sizes.


Modular in its size and structure

Convincing with its durability and simplicity, the structure is flexibly adaptable to different size and arrangement configurations and can also be extended later.

The components used are always the same, which are specially designed for easy transport and assembly.


Adjustable buoyancy for different load scenarios


IP68 protected and corrosion resistant


Anchoring specifications depending on plant size and water body

Heraklion Platform Installation

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OHPs between Large Wind Turbines
OHPs between Large Wind Turbines

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Clean Fish Farm
Clean Fish Farm

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Harbour Logistics
Harbour Logistics

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OHPs between Large Wind Turbines
OHPs between Large Wind Turbines

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