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State-of-art technology for maritime environments!

Global leader in wave energy technology

Founded in 2014, SINN power has quickly claimed it's role as a leading company in the field of ocean energy conversion.

Full scale prototypes in record time and budget underline the superior approach of SINN Power's solution. Maritime Engineering and state-of-art Power Electronics are SINN Power's core business.

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Ocean Hybrid Platform

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Our WEC-modules convert ocean wave energy into zero-emission electricity. 

Applicable as a single unit or with multiple devices in an array structure the power output can be adapted to the needs at the operation site.

SINN Power provides market leading expertise for maritime engineering and renewable hybrid plants.

The SINN PowerTrain is a high-tech linear generator with integrated power electronics, planetary gearbox, mechanical brake and IP 68 tightness. It is the ideal machine for applications in harsh environments and enables a parallel connection of multiple units.

The world's only modular and IP 68 proof power electronics components for use in the harshest environments. Based on 800 V DC voltage these modules are suitable for countless applications.


Product Portfolio

Equipped with a smart mounting system and a safety mode, the wave energy converter module can be installed on several sites, such as off-shore platforms and harbour walls.

Controls an electrical machine with variable speed at user specific parameterization of the torque performance.

High-tech linear generator with integrated power electronics, planetary gearbox, mechanical brake and IP 68 tightness.

Easily transported in ISO containers and quickly assembled, our wave energy converter array allows base load energy supply for near-shore locations.

With a range from 40 V up to 800 V the DC converter manages the charging and discharging process of the battery storage. 

SP AC Inverter 4.0

Future development

This component forms the interface to customary AC grid and enables both, isolated and grid operation.

In combination with the DC converter this LFP battery with integrated BMS offers a widely scalable storage solution based on 1.5 kWh per unit.

With up to 57 Wh capacity this short term storage allows to balance out sizable peak loads.

Built on the concept of the PowerTrain 3.4, the fourth generation allows higher customizability and has the advantage of being part of the further refined system with high modularity.

Designed to withstand harshest conditions on sea and to carry heavy loads, our floating platform is an ideal basis for diverse applications.

Controls an electrical machine with variable-speed at user-specific parameterization of the torque performance.


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