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Riding the waves in 2017 - SINN Power's end-of-year review

Preparing to ride the perfect wave—that was SINN Power’s motto in 2017. Receiving a grant of €1.0m and getting green light for the first commercial wave energy project were only two highlights in the startup’s eventful third year. Here is the SINN Power year in review.

  • January: The year kicks off with an anniversary: After 12 months in the sea, the SINN Power wave energy converter has survived every season that Greece had to offer. The long-term data enabled the engineers in Germany to make many improvements, from an optimized generator stack with increased power output, more efficient power electronics and advanced end-stop buffering to absorb the impact of high waves.

  • February: After only five minutes to convince the more than 1,000 selected industry experts and decision-makers of the German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE) at the association’s New Year’s Reception, SINN Power’s CEO Philipp SINN takes home the BEE’s “Most Innovative Young Company Award” by a clear margin. Consequently the young startup can now be called the “Next Big Thing” in renewables.

  • June: From June on, SINN Power’s wave energy technology is presented at the World Expo in Kazakhstan. Diving through a virtual ocean, the over 3,860,000 visitors have the chance to discover the high potential of SINN Power’s innovative technology. With its main topic “Future Energy”, the exposition matches exactly what the startup stands for.

  • August: Amazing news arrive at the headquarters in Gauting. SINN Power is part of the 6th Energy Research Programme of the German Federal Government and receives a grant of €1.0 million. With this financial support, the startup can extend its research activities on Crete by installing five further wave energy converter modules in spring 2018 next to the already existing prototype. The overarching goal of the research programme is to help Germany become one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally sound economies in the world. With its forward-looking technology, SINN Power is chosen as the ideal candidate. 

  • September: The startup reaches another major milestone: SINN Power gets green light for a commercial wave energy project on Cape Verde. Starting from 2018, the company will cover an organic shrimp farm’s energy needs by installing a wave energy converter array backed up by a solar power plant. SINN Power's technology is predicted to reduce the ecological footprint of the shrimp farm by 127 tons of CO2 per year by saving diesel fuel. Once installed, the array of 21 WEC modules will save about 50,000 liters of fuel or approximately €75,000 per year. The envisioned project supports Cape Verde’s ambitious goal to increase its share in renewable energy production.

  • November: The startup celebrates its 3-year anniversary with a party at the company’s headquarters in Gauting near Munich. Taken together, the 104 current and former employees worked more than 100,000 hours fueled by 20,000 cups of coffee to make SINN Power the world’s leading wave energy company today.

  • December: The year comes to a close with an exciting race in the world of cleantech: Until January 8th, SINN Power is elected to compete for votes for the finals of the GreenTec Awards, the biggest environmental awards, as a TOP 10 Nominee in the categories „Sustainable Development“ and „Startup“.

Thank you for supporting the team and being part of the journey.

The entire SINN Power team wishes you happy holidays and a happy New Year!

Download the press release here: Riding the perfect wave - SINN Power's end-of-year review (PDF) Laden Sie die Pressemitteilung hier herunter: Ritt auf der perfekten Welle - SINN Powers Jahresrückblick (PDF)

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