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How SINN Power encourages students to contribute to the worldwide energy transition

With its innovative approach of renewable energy from ocean waves, the German start-up SINN Power was invited to take part in the ETH Knowledge Fair in Zurich. Within this event, the company supported students in engaging with the topic of the worldwide energy transition and in actively searching for new solutions.

The participants of ETH Week © ETH Zürich/ Alessandro Della Bella

In this year's ETH Week of the prestigious University of ETH Zurich, students should intensively deal with the topic of a joint energy transformation in interdisciplinary tasks.

ETH Week is a key project of the "Critical Thinking Initiative", which aims to encourage independent thinking and responsible acting by students. This corresponds to the values that SINN Power communicates with its own student employees.

This year's topic "Energy Matters", which was the focus of the event, gave the students the task of formulating a question in teams that was relevant to the energy transition and designing a forward-looking solution for this question.

The work in the team led to controversial discussions © ETH Zürich/ Alessandro Della Bella

In order to obtain information about the current state of technology, the exchange with industry experts at the ETH Knowledge Fair was an important part of the program. Among the 24 companies present, SINN Power was with its accumulated expertise the only startup.

Represented by Tristan Jochner (CFO & Co-Founder) and Johannes Stuck (Business Development), the students had the opportunity to pose questions about SINN Power in interdisciplinary teams and to inquire about the company's technology, market potential and goals.

Tristan Jochner and Johannes Stuck recounted after the event that they were particularly impressed by the students' competent and critical questions.

Tristan Jochner explaining the market potential to students at ETH Knowledge Fair © ETH Zürich/ Alessandro Della Bella

SINN Power has been developing an innovative wave power technology since 2014 and is now the technology and innovation leader in its industry. This unusual and completely new approach attracted a particularly large amount of interest among students.

SINN Power's energy solution, which takes an innovative approach compared to conventional regenerative technologies, creates new incentives to engage with the topic of renewable energies in a multi-faceted way. 

SINN Power calls for a multi-faceted approach to renewable energies © ETH Zürich/ Alessandro Della Bella

For SINN Power, the collaboration with students and universities represents an important cornerstone in the development structure. The exchange that takes place within the bounds of such events offers an interesting and important opportunity for both sides.

Therefore SINN Power would like to thank the team around Tanja Maier, who organized the event and made sure it ran smoothly.

Tristan Jochner especially anticipates cooperation opportunities in the near future with the ETH faculties: "At the ETH Knowledge Fair we were able to present our innovative energy solution to the students and met great interest. We look forward to continuing our collaborations and events with the ETH and its prestigious faculties."

If you are interested in cooperating with SINN Power, please contact: Tristan Jochner


Press contact:

Carla Knappik Corporate Communications Assistant +49 (0)89 9256 6192

SINN Power GmbH

Germeringer Str. 9

82131 Gauting

Download the press release here: How SINN Power encourages students to contribute to the worldwide energy transition (PDF)

Laden Sie die Pressemitteilung hier herunter: Wie SINN Power Studierende unterstützt einen Teil zur Energiewende beizutragen (PDF)

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