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Renewable energy pioneers in Gauting

Since 2014, the startup SINN Power has been developing an innovative wave power technology and other off-grid components at its headquarters in Gauting, near Munich. Gauting's mayor paid the company a visit.

In order to acquaint themselves with SINN Power and its technologies, a tour of the company's headquarters in Gauting took place on September 13. The technology of the future has been developed in the offices for almost for years now.

The mayor of Gauting. Dr. Brigitte Kössinger, was accompanied by city manager Dr. oec. Fabian Kühnel-Widmann. During her visit. SINN Power's founder Dr.-Ing. Philipp Sinn, who grew up in Gauting, explained the huge untouched potential that wave energy offers. Since the oceans occupy 71 percent of the earth's surface, it is hard to believe that the energy contained in ocean waves is not being harvested yet.

With its innovative wave power technology, SINN Power can use the up and down motion of ocean waves to generate renewable electricity. The advantage of this technology is that the wave power plant consists of individual modules that can be transported in ISO containers, allowing to easily reach even the remotest regions of the world.

This will enable the supply of coasts worldwide with low-cost and green electricity in the future.

The SINN Power wave energy converter (WEC) array and module

Various tests on Crete have already proven that this concept works. It was only in July 2018 that the startup was able to install already the second generation of its wave power modules, making it one of the first companies in the world to generate controlled and stable energy from ocean waves - a success story from Gauting.

The SINN Power team with the wave power modules on Crete

The mayor was particularly interested in the reasons why a company generating electricity from ocean waves chose the city Gauting, without any access to the sea, as their headquarters' location.

Founder and CEO Dr.-Ing. Philipp Sinn points out that the proximity to Munich and the industrial surroundings around Starnberg were especially crucial for the choice of location. The state capital also attracts highly talented academics with its renowned teaching facilities, such as the Technical University of Munich or the Munich University of Applied Sciences. Right from the start, SINN Power's cooperation with its student staff was an important cornerstone in its development, whereby the outstanding infrastructure in the form of public transport has been particularly appealing to them ever since.

In the near future the startup will realize its first commercial projects. Great interest has already been expressed in SINN Power's energy solutions from countries all over the world.

Over the years, the energy pioneers from Gauting have also been able to build up an expertise in complex hybrid systems. The experience showed that by combining wave energy with small wind parks, solar energy and kinematic small hydropower parks, a stable and cost-effective renewable energy solution can be provided. The approach is unique and reduces the need for expensive environmentally harmful storage solutions.

With its novel approaches and its particularly high degree of innovation, SINN Power can initiate a new phase in the energy supply of the future.

Dr. Kössinger was enthusiastic about the young team and the complex energy solution. In the future, she would like to continue in cooperation with the city manager Dr. oec. Kühnel-Widmann to promote the growth of startups in her area and to provide the necessary infrastructure.

The SINN Power team with mayor Dr. Kössinger and city manager Dr. oec. Fabian Kühnel-Widmann


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Press contact:

Carla Knappik Corporate Communications Assistant

+49 (0)89 9256 6192

SINN Power GmbH Germeringer Str. 9, 82131 Gauting, Germany

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