SINN Power evaluates green energy supply for customer in Guinea

The German startup SINN Power is conducting a feasibility study on the potential of wave energy and other renewable technologies on behalf of the company Guinea Gold PLC.

A stable power supply is by no means a matter of course for the inhabitants of the West African country of Guinea. The reasons for this are extreme climatic conditions - from monsoon-like rainfalls to dry seasons with winds from the Sahara - and a poorly developed central infrastructure. Guinea reported 1962 power outages every year[1], which means that blackouts are a common issue for the inhabitants of the capital Conakry. 

Due to poor infrastructure, the inhabitants of the capital Conakry suffer from regular power outages.

Where conventional electricity suppliers reach their limits, SINN Power sees an opportunity to provide a reliable and cost-efficient energy solution with its innovative technologies. On behalf of the local industrial company Guinea Gold PLC, SINN Power will now spend a year investigating how a renewable energy mix of its own wave technology, small wind farms, kinematic hydroelectric power plants and solar energy can be used to secure a durable and stable power supply. 

SINN Power CEO Dr. Philipp Sinn and Head of Business Development Johannes Stuck at a potential location in Conakry.

During a first visit to the capital Conakry in the summer of 2018, SINN Power and the customer Guinea Gold PLC held initial discussions about the possibilities of renewable energy supply on site. Furthermore, a geographical assessment using 3D analysis was carried out to verify the suitability of the proposed sites for the different energy sources. 

3D-images of a possible location for a renewable hybrid system in Conakry.

During the next visit, probably taking place in October 2018, SINN Power will install multifunctional sensors at the selected locations. These will measure wave, solar and wind data over a period of 8 months. The generated data will be evaluated by SINN Power in Germany and summarized in a feasibility study.

After the completion of this feasibility study, SINN Power will provide a site-specific recommendation for the ideal off-grid system that perfectly meets the needs of Guinea Gold PLC.

Wave energy is a possible option for the power supply of Guinea's capital on the Atlantic coast.

Compared to other electricity suppliers, SINN Power goes beyond conventional solutions: Often a single renewable energy resource is used. Due to their natural fluctuations, electricity cannot usually be provided around the clock and expensive storage solutions are required.

SINN Power on the other hand, offers hybrid systems that combine the advantages of its own proprietary technologies with proven, standard market solutions. In addition to the expertise in the promising field of wave energy, SINN Power also offers solar plants, small wind parks and kinematic hydropower parks.

A complex and customized hybrid system provides the customer with a permanent, stable and cost-effective power supply.

With the realization of this feasibility study, SINN Power is collecting further valuable experience in the sustainable off-grid sector. In the future SINN Power aims to supply people on coasts worldwide with renewable electricity from ocean waves and other renewable energy sources.

It was only in July 2018 that SINN Power became one of the first companies worldwide to generate stable and controlled electricity with its wave power modules in Greece.

[1] Source: Document of The World Bank. Report No: PAD2467. International Development Project Paper on a proposed additional credit in the amount of SDR 17.6 million to the republic of Guinea for the power sector recovery project, p. 4, 2018.

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