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SINN Power explores Caribbean wave energy potential

SINN Power was recently invited to a business trip by the DNHK (German-Dutch Foreign Trade Chamber) as part of the Energy Export Initiative of the BMWi (German ministry of economic affairs and environment). As part of this, CEO Dr. Philipp Sinn and Head of Business Development Johannes Stuck visited the Caribbean islands of Aruba and Curacao.

The aim of this business trip was to connect selected German companies from the field of "Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency" with potential partners on the ABC islands in order to market products and services of German companies.

CEO Philipp Sinn is introducing the renewable energy startup at the 1st German-Caribbean Energy Conference

SINN Power was able to present its innovative products and services to more than 100 participants during the 1st German-Caribbean Energy Conference and to hold talks with potential partners and customers in individual business meetings.

High-profile politicians, energy provides, project developers and local companies showed great interest in SINN Power and their technology.

Currently, the power supply on the islands is very costly and subject to large fluctuations. The energy demand is mainly covered by fossil fuels. This is very harmful to the environment and also extremly expensive. Both in Aruba and Curacao efforts are therefor strong to steadily increase energy demand through the implementation of renewable energy.

Alexandra Sierra, Head of Sales Advisory at the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce said "So far, the energy needs for the ABC islands have been met mainly by fossil fuels, which had to be imported almost 100 %. This dependency on the world market and the oil price has immensely increased the costs of providing energy on the islands. For many islanders this means spending a quarter of their salary on energy costs in everyday life."

The solution: Renewable energy from ocean waves. Because the energy density from ocean waves is up to 100 times greater than that of sun and wind. Furthermore, waves are much more continuous over the year compared to other renewable energy resources.

Wave power plants are noticeably closer to a base load capability and can do without large storage or redundant systems.

For the strongly tourist-dominated islands, taking care of the visual and acoustic harassment of renewable energy technologies such as wind turbines or PV systems, is of great importance.

On the contrary, SINN Power's technology floats on the sea surface several kilometers away from the coast. In distance, from the beach, it may only appear like a boat.

In addition, the east and west coasts of both islands differ greatly: While the west coast offers Caribbean holiday flair with white beaches, calm seas and a wide range of hotels, the untamed forces of nature are raging on the eastern coasts.

"The strong swell and rough condotions do not attracht any beach tourists, but is an ideal condition for your wave power plants" said Dr. Philipp Sinn, founder and CEO of SINN Power.

Caribbean holiday flair on the west coast (left) and untamed nature forces on the east coast (right).

In particular, the island of Aruba has ambitious energy goals. Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes formulates the following goal: “Aruba wants to promote the implementation and the use of renewable energies. Our aim is to become independent of fossil fuels in the future. In 2020, 50 percent of the energy supply should come from sustainable energy sources

Prime minister of Aruba Evely Wever-Croes (second on the left) showed great interest in SINN Power and their technology during meetings.

To achieve these ambitious goals, policymakers and utilities need to work closely together. The recently adopted energy master plan also includes the implementation of sustainable energy systems.

The German company SINN Power is the developer of an innovative wave power plant. The technology generates electricity from ocean waves and is applicable on coasts worldwide.

The startup, which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), only succeeded in summer 2018 as one of the first companies in the world to feed electricity from ocean waves into the grid. With initial reference projects in Africa and Greece, the renewable energy startup is currently conquering the energy innovation sector.

If you are interested in project cooperations, please contact Johannes Stuck:


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