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New boost for the small wind industry

The small wind industry has long been stuck in the silent shadows of solar energy. High costs, non-transparent supply markets and a lack of economies of scale have affected the success of the industry in recent years. Wind turbine manufacturers actively work to overcome the challenge as they are aware of the high demand for a self-sufficient power supply and the increasing environmental awareness of consumers.

Based on five years of intense R&D, German renewable energy developer SINN Power now offers a revolutionary energy generation system that will give the entire wind energy industry a new boost.

  • How the SINN PowerTrain reduces manufacturers’ costs and realizes the unexploited potential of the small wind industry:

  • One device: Integration of components reduces costs and increases competitiveness

  • SINN PowerTrain: An energy generation system that is instantly compatible with existing small wind energy systems

  • Small wind and solar energy: Synergies instead of competition

  1. One device: Integration of components reduces cost and increases competitiveness According to the Small Wind Market Report 2018 by Patrick Jüttemann, many end users still hesitate when considering small wind turbines for energy production – the reasons are often poor and insufficiently tested components. The small wind industry is still struggling with high production costs, which consequently result in high LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity) for the customer. The SINN PowerTrain solves this problem: It reduces costs by integrating high-quality, complex modules into one device - from output unit to control system.

  2. SINN PowerTrain: An energy generation system that is instantly compatible with existing small wind energy systems Small wind manufacturers currently have to adapt many of their components individually to specific requirements of their performance class. These engineering challenges result from component incompatibility and in turn drive system prices high. SINN Power, a young company from the suburbs of Munich in Germany, offers a new solution. The SINN PowerTrain combines all necessary components in one highly flexible system that can effortlessly be adapted to manufacturers’ individual needs. Thus, technical defects are prevented and manufacturers save on effort and costs. The end result is a satisfied customer who receives regulated electricity from their green energy system.

  3. Small wind and solar energy: Synergies instead of competition Small wind turbines are ideal for large open areas as well as flat roof tops (e.g. supermarkets or town halls). Thus, the ever-rising desire for self-sufficient power supply can be realized in a simple manner. Compared to solar energy, small wind turbines have been unable to prove themselves extensively. In contrast to small wind, solar power benefited for a long time from attractive feed-in tariffs, which in turn affected sales volumes of the two technologies respectively. With the SINN PowerTrain a combination of both enables a stable and regenerative power supply.

Sample layout of a hybrid energy system based on the PowerTrain 3.4

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