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SINN Power supplies small wind turbine developer LuvSide with High-Tech generators

SINN Power opens up new markets with innovative power-generating systems: Small wind turbine developer LuvSide places its trust in the SINN PowerTrain 3.4 for efficient energy production in its vertical turbine runners.

SINN Power supplies the small wind industry with innovative state-of-art technology originating from the wave energy sector: When taking a closer look at the energy production both renewable energy sources of wave and wind show certain similarities in their energy production. Thus, the SINN PowerTrain 3.4 offers an ideal solution for small wind turbine developers. (Read more on the technology.)

The principle is well-known: The wind is blowing; the windmill is moving and the end-result is electricity. Unfortunately, this is more of a hurdle than it thought to be. Regulating an electrical machine to feed into the grid brings many challenges for small wind developers. Both technologies show particular technical challenges when it comes to generating electricity, as both wave and wind are energy sources controlled by nature. This is where the ocean is far more similar to wind or gust than it seems.

The SINN Power wave energy converter module is put in motion by the up-and-down movement of the waves. The attached generators produce electricity through the rotation of the waves. This transformation process is known for turning kinetic energy into electricity. Differences in density and strengths of the waves are a further electrical challenge. These differences need to be converted into regulated and stabilized electricity to feed into the grid.

Dr.-Ing. Philipp Sinn, CEO SINN Power, is looking forward to cooperating with small wind turbine developer LuvSide: “After intense years of research & development, SINN Power is proud to enter the market with our first CE-certified products. We discovered that especially small wind turbines (power class ~ 1 – 10 kW) benefit from a compact, modular and customizable high-tech generator. It allows full flexibility regarding size and setup as well as effortless integration in existing energy systems."

Rolf Hoffmann, CEO LuvSide, is very pleased about co-operating with SINN Power: “Sharing a vision is a fundamental piece to a successful cooperation. At LuvSide, we also pursue an innovative approach: Our trademark is vertical wind power, which makes us unique in Europe and differentiates our technology from the typical three-rotor wind turbine on the market. Knowing SINN Power for a long time now, we have found the right partner whom we entrust the core technology (generator) of our wind turbines. We are on the same wavelength and I look forward to realizing our common vision in the long term."

Left: Rolf Hoffmann (CEO, LuvSide) and Johannes Stuck (Head of Business Development, SINN Power) with the SINN PowerTrain 3.4

Right: LuvSide's vertical wind turbine in preparation for the next installation. (Image: © LuvSide)

SINN Power and LuvSide are both excited for a collaborative future and are currently planning further projects to implement the SINN Power PowerElectronics as a fundamental component of the small wind industry. The cleantech startups are looking to open new gates to generate renewable energy.


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