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Inside view: How to make waves in the energy sector

Wave energy pioneers have long learned that disruption in the energy sector is harder than in other fast-moving industries. In a recently published anthology launched at BDEW Congress 2017, the annual meeting of Germany’s largest energy industry association, SINN Power co-founder Rike Brand gives an inside view of the role of startups in the energy world.

In her article, Rike Brand asks whether the future of startups in the energy sector is indeed disruption of rather integration into the existing structures. Drawing on her experience at SINN Power and other startups, she takes a closer look at the way how startups bring about change: through technological innovation, new business models, and diversity.

The anthology “Innovative. Integrative. Intelligent. Moving into the energy industry 4.0” is published by the network women&energy. Its aim is to connect female decision-makers in the energy industry to create synergies and exchange knowledge in networks beyond the traditional structures.

Brand’s article is available for download here (in German). The anthology can be ordered directly through the publisher here.

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