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Preparations for first sea test on Crete fully underway

After just a year of development, SINN Power is finalizing the preparations for the first test of a single module of the patented wave energy converter. Starting end of December, the module will be tested for a year on the Greek island Crete.

Final preparations in the Freiburg workshop of KLB Blech in Form before shipping the wave energy converter module

After the individual components of the wave energy converter module had arrived in the workshop in Freiburg, everything went quickly. In just a few days, SINN Power’s construction team assembled the module. And then the module embarked on its first journey: It traveled across the Mediterranean Sea to the Port of Heraklion on Crete, where it will be installed and operated on the outer side of the port breakwater.

Assembly of the “mounting sled” which will be used to quickly install and remove the module

The demonstrator module is constructed in original size with the same components that will be used in the floating 25-module wave energy converter. “This is an incredible time-saver in the development. And we are able to test the actual components that we intend to use in the floating wave energy converter,” explains Martin Bednarz, SINN Power’s CTO, the advantages of the test installation.

SINN Power plans to thoroughly test the module over one year. The results will be used immediately in the development of the SINN Power wave energy converter that will be installed in late 2016 on a site near a coast.

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