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Product launch: SINN Power’s Floating Solar PV Solution "Water Lily" for calm waters

21.12.2021 | Gauting

  • SINN Power launched its new product development the Water Lily - a Floating PV Solution for calm waters

  • Due to SINN Power’s long-term expertise in developing the Ocean Hybrid Platform, the Water Lily is a highly economical, stable and durable Floating Photovoltaic system

  • The volume of components is optimized for cost-efficient shipping and easy on- site installation. Sustainability is guaranteed due to the usage of nearly fully recyclable materials

SINN Power launched its new floating PV solution, the Water Lily. SINN Power transferred its long-term experience with floating power plants in maritime environments to calm waters. The new floating structure of the Water Lily is a sustainable and highly cost-efficient platform, developed with corrosion resistant and nearly 100% recyclable materials.

Building on its expertise in developing the Ocean Hybrid Platform, SINN Power launched a Floating PV Solution for renewable electricity generation on calm waters - the Water Lily. The product introduction event was held in Gauting, Greater Munich area, close to the company’s headquarters. In combination with SINN Power’s IP68-rated power electronics ModTroniX, the Water Lily represents a highly economical renewable energy turnkey solution.

The novel freshwater floating solar platform Water Lily comes with compelling benefits:

  • The parts have a super pack size and can be segmented for transport. This reduction of components volume results in cost-optimized shipping in 20′ ISO containers, less needed storage space on-site and easier installation.

  • The components of the floating structure are made of aluminium alloys. Consequently, the Water Lily is insusceptible for corrosion and nearly completely recyclable.

  • As SINN Power originally comes from development of offshore solutions, the Water Lily is optimized in terms of robustness, stability, durability and economy.

Due to scarcity of land, floating photovoltaic systems are a perfect renewable energy solution for hydropower dam reservoirs, sand pit lakes, open-pit lakes, mining lakes, aquaculture farms, industrial waste water and other lakes - there are numerous application possibilities. Following SINN Power’s mission in mitigating climate change CEO Dr. Philipp Sinn argues: “There is a huge demand for renewable electricity due to the phase out of fossil fuels. Urgent action is needed to close this gap. The Water Lily will contribute to exploit the potential for electricity generation on calm waters. In doing so, SINN Power plans first projects in 2022.”

Floating calm water PV platform for quarry ponds, reservoirs and lakes


Press Contact SINN Power GmbH

Doris Froitzheim Marketing Manager + 49 (0)89 209 619 75

SINN Power GmbH Germeringer Str. 9 82131 Gauting

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