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SINN Power GmbH: An idea becomes a corporation

Investing into a common future - this was the motto of the past Tuesday at SINN Power in Munich. In an atmosphere of friendship, the founding team and the seed investors signed the articles of incorporation of the SINN Power GmbH.

Investors and founding team of the SINN Power GmbH

Onboard the freshly founded SINN Power GmbH are two strategic investors from the German 'Mittelstand': Dorothea Sick-Thies and the Sick Holding GmbH, owner family of the Sick AG, one of the world's leading producers of sensor technology for industrial applications, and the Roell Prüfsysteme GmbH who specializes in the production of machines for materials testing. With their know-how and their network, both firms are valuable partners in building the new company.

Founder Philipp Sinn signs the articles of incorporation of the SINN Power GmbH

For founder and CEO Philipp Sinn, the incorporation has a special personal meaning. In 2005, Sinn had already started working on wave energy issues. From then on, he pushed the development of the technology further and registered a first patent in 2008. In his doctoral thesis, Sinn recently investigated a strategy to implement the wave power plant in the most easy and low-cost fashion possible.

To be able to join forces with investors in a company to turn the concept into reality is an accolade for the project, according to Sinn: "The fact that experienced entrepreneurs invest in SINN Power demonstrates the economic potential of our technology. Now it's on us to fulfill this potential and turn wave energy into an alternative energy source that people around the globe take seriously."

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