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SINN Power receives €1.0 million grant for wave energy research in Greece

With the €1.0 million grant from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), SINN Power plans to expand its research activities on Crete with additional wave energy converter tests over the next two years.

Using the financial support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), SINN Power plans to install five wave energy converter modules in spring 2018 at the breakwater wall next to the already existing prototype.

Illustration of the setup of five modules at the breakwater wall of the Port of Heraklion

The goal of the research project is to test the electrical interconnection of several generators in SINN Power wave energy modules in practice. To do so, the translation of the irregular oscillating motion of the waves into grid-compliant electrical current is first tested on the small network of the five stationary installed test modules.

Following the successful completion of the test on the wall-mounted wave energy modules, SINN Power plans to test a floating version of its wave energy converter technology. The planned floating wave energy converter will consist of 18 modules. 

Illustration of the floating wave energy converter to be installed near the Port of Heraklion

Since 2015, SINN Power is testing its novel wave energy converter prototype at the breakwater of the Port of Heraklion. Because the open-sea tests were very successful in generating new insights on how to increase the efficiency of the wave energy converter technology, the involved parties – SINN Power as well as the German Federal Government and the Heraklion Port Authority – are highly interested in extending the cooperation.

The overarching goal of SINN Power’s research project is to improve the development of the innovative wave energy technology and to promote the development of new green energy technologies in general. For this reason, the company was chosen for the €1.0 million grant under the 6th Energy Research Programme by the German Federal Government.

The aim of the 6th Energy Research Programme is to help Germany become one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally sound economies in the world.

As the energy system of the future will be fundamentally different from what it is today, the German government is promoting research and development in the field of forward-looking energy technology such as SINN Power’s.

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