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SINN Power supplies more small wind turbine developers with state-of-art wind technology

Press release – 6th December 2019

Venturicon now trusts in SINN Power’s state-of-art power electronics that originates from the wave energy sector.

The Swiss wind turbine developer Venturicon Sarl now relies on SINN Power’s newest power electronics that originates from wave energy technology and is highly suitable for harsh environments.

The SINN Power MotorDrive 3.4 is used in Venturicon’s 3.ZERO wind turbine, a flow-optimized ducted turbine with Fowler-technology. The turbine enables base load power supply for private properties or small commercial and industrial buildings (e.g. roof top installation).

The SINN Power MotorDrive 3.4 has its roots in the PowerTrain 3.4: A compact, IP-68 protected high-tech generator that is already implemented in small wind turbines across Europe. The MotorDrive 3.4 offers state-of-art power electronics that increases efficiency, reduces harmonic waves and cuts down costs.

The MotorDrive 3.4 combines several features to offer a wide range of applications:

  • Nominal power 3 kW

  • Active rectifying (PWM)

  • Compatible with PV inverter

  • Parallel connection of several turbines

  • External brake control (e.g. wind sensor)

  • CAN communication (optional)

In cooperation with Venturicon, SINN Power carried out extensive tests with the MotorDrive 3.4 installed in Venturicon’s 3.ZERO wind turbine in the wind tunnel of GST in Immenstaad and in the energy research park Lichtenegg, to ensure a perfect regulation of the e-machine.

A service that Bernhard Frick (Technical Manager, Venturicon) is particularly grateful for: “In SINN Power, we have found a partner with whom we can share visions and realize common goals. Our wind turbines combine energy efficiency and design. With the use of the MotorDrive 3.4, our customers receive more value than ever before: The module reduces the noise levels of the turbines (eliminating harmonic waves), provides optimized power output and enables parallel connection of several systems.”

SINN Power is also very pleased about the cooperation with Venturicon. Philipp Sinn (CEO, SINN Power) draws the following conclusion: “The technical concept of the wind turbine 3.ZERO has convinced us from the beginning. We were happy to accept the challenge to optimize the control technology within 6 months. The result is impressive and something we are very proud of. We are confident, that Venturicon is going to play a major role in the small wind energy market. We wish Venturicon continued success and look forward to a joint future and long-term cooperation. The next generation of our power electronics product family will be deployed in future developments of Venturicon.”

Sinn refers to two new larger wind turbines that will operate on the same principle as the 3.ZERO. Bernhard Frick “We are very happy that our 3.ZERO wind turbine is viable and based on this principle, we are even prouder to announce the expansion of our product range with the 6.ZERO and 9.ZERO wind turbines to be marketable in 2020. Both turbines will have more power, with a nominal power of 6 kW and 9 kW. We are also delighted to extend our cooperation with SINN Power and implement their new components in our systems.”

Philipp Sinn is very optimistic about the new product developments: “Due to their modular design, we use components that are identical in construction. Our MotorDrives, charge controllers or inverters can operate in parallel to the corresponding output and capacity of both new systems.”

This is possible thanks to SINN Power’s further development of the new PowerTrain 4.0 product family: All components, from e-machine to batteries or to inverter, are modular and scalable in size and layout. This enables the use of even more efficient components for the SINN Power wave energy converter and for other customers, especially since simple integration in existing energy systems is possible. This is a pioneering step for complex off-grid, smart-grid and hybrid applications!


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Press contact:

Jana Funk Business Development & Marketing +49 (0)89 9256 6192

SINN Power GmbH Germeringer Str. 9, 82131 Gauting, Germany

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