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Start of the construction for first tests

A lot is happening at SINN Power: From December 17th, the team started the construction of a test bench for the tests of a single module of the novel wave power plant.

The SINN Power team during construction of the single module test bench

On the test bench, which will be operated from January 2015 for a year, SINN Power will firstly conduct experiments on the interaction of the mechanical components. Additionally, the test bench simulates different wave heights in order to find out how much electricity the module will generate in reality. Nobody will get wet during those experiments, though: The tests are conducted as dry runs.

SINN Power plans to use the test results to further optimize the mechanical and electrical parts of the wave power plant. For 2015, the engineers have big plans: Additional tests in water are to be conducted to ensure that the power plant is able to reliably generate electricity even when exposed to salty seawater, wind and constant strain.

Looking back on 2014, project leader Philipp Sinn is satisfied with the progress the project has made: "Every week, technical specifications become more concrete, concepts grow and great improvements are being implemented in the details." In light of this, Sinn is confident that he and his team are able to reach their ambitious goals for the next year.

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