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VDI Award 2015 for Best Engineering Startup goes to SINN Power

For its innovative solution to generate electricity from ocean waves as well as the special economic importance and societal relevance of the project, SINN Power was awarded the VDI Award 2015 as Best Engineering Startup by the Association of German Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, VDI) in a festive ceremony in Munich.

Besides the promising business idea, the jury cited the entrepreneurial spirit of the young engineering startup as the main reason for giving the award to SINN Power. Representing the entire team, the two founders Philipp Sinn and Martin Bednarz presented the simple, but efficient wave energy converter concept to the 200 invited guests at the event.

The awardees Philipp Sinn (l.) and Martin Bednarz (r.) with VDI jury member Prof. Dr. Hartmut Hoffmann

Sinn views the award primarily as incentive: “To found an engineering startup, you do not only need a good idea, but also full commitment to implementing it. We will continue to work hard to make our wave energy converter a success and create a sustainable company.” Chief Technical Officer Bednarz emphasizes the achievements of the about 20 engineers working on the project: “One year ago, the wave energy converter existed only on paper. Today, the first module for a test in the ocean is being built. This award belongs to the entire team.”

The award of the München, Ober- and Niederbayern chapter of the Association of German Engineers highlights engineering achievements in all technical and scientific areas. Its goal is to disseminate the achievements of the awardees to the wider public. For example, SINN Power will be presented in the magazine “Technik in Bayern” (Technology in Bavaria) that reaches 24,000 regular readers.

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