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Wave power module to be upgraded to third generation

12 months after the first commissioning, SINN Power has taken in the wave energy converter module in Heraklion for another round of upgrades. The goal is to maximize energy generation and further improve durability of all components in the ocean environment.

The SINN Power wave energy converter module in August 2016

During its year of operation at the Port of Heraklion, the module went through everything the seasons at the ocean have to offer: from winter storms to summer heat. The high variability at the site had the big advantage that it helped the team to learn a lot about the behavior of the module in different weathers.

While the wave energy converter module gathered long-term data in Heraklion, the engineering team back at the German SINN Power headquarters was already working on the next generation of the wave energy technology. In December 2016, the engineers took the module off the wall to upgrade the wave energy converter module to the third generation. The upgrades reduce costs, increase performance and improve structural stability. Among others, they include:

  • New generators with more power output

  • More efficient power electronics

  • Cost-improved, shock-absorbing generator mounting

  • Improved end-stop buffering to absorb the impact of high waves

After the winter break, the third-generation wave energy converter module will be reinstalled for another round of long-term tests. These advanced tests serve as preparation for the planned installation of the floating wave energy converter array, also planned to take place in the Heraklion area after coordination with the local authorities.

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