SP PowerTrain 4.0

Modularity Reimagined

Active Drive Control

Parallel Connection

Perfect Sinus Modelling

Enabling inventors of the lower power range to benefit from latest technologies

Based on and with the learnings made with the PowerTrain 3.4  we now fit the PowerTrain 4.0 to the new concept of the fourth generation:
Exceptional fit between components and improved performance.

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Nominal power

3 - 5 kW

Nominal voltage

800 V


Active rectifying


IP 68

Key Facts

  • Designed to work both as generator and as motor

  • Active control (torque - rotational speed control, MPPT)

  • Enabling parallel connection

Recommended for

Wave energy converter, small wind turbines, hydropower, peak-load management, diesel gensets, light vehicles (e.g. Tuk Tuk)


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For more detailed information and technical specifications please download the following documents:

Compatible with


SP MotorDrive 4.0


SP DC Converter 4.0

SP AC Inverter 4.0

Future development


SP Supercap 4.0


SP LFP Storage 4.0

Technological Highlights

Enables usage of conventional solar inverter to grid and saves components through parallel connection of multiple units

The PowerTrain 4.0 includes a MotorDrive that converts usable electricity already into direct current. This allows the usage of a simple solar inverter instead of complex and expensive inverters. Due to the DC, multiple units can be connected in parallel and save additional costs by using a single DC bus only.

Sample  layout of several wind turbines in parallel connection 

IP 68 Rating

Developed to achieve full power also in harsh condition, we designed all components IP 68 proof. Wet and dusty environments as well as temporary submersion won't harm our units.

Modular compatability with other SINN Power components

Particular attention was payed to enable a seamless connection of all SINN Power components and allow to build different configurations depending on the purpose. In this way, components can be physically connected via cable, simply per plug or in a connection box. With every additional electrical component running on the same DC bus, the physical order can be adapted to the needs. For instance, multiple LFP storage units can be included to increase capacity. Furthermore, storage units can be placed in a maintenance-friendly spot for the setup.

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