Wave Energy 

Background, Potential & Solution

Global leader in wave energy technology

Founded in 2014, SINN power has quickly claimed it's role as a leading company in the field of ocean energy conversion.

Full scale prototypes in record time and budget underline the superior approach of SINN Power's solution. Maritime engineering and state-of-art power electronics are SINN Power's core business.

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What is wave energy?

Working Principle

Wave energy can harness the unlimited power of our oceans, simply by the up-and-down-movements of the waves

Comparison to Solar PV and Wind

Ocean waves, as compared to solar radiation and wind, not only have the highest energy density, but also provide the greatest supply continuity. Energy from ocean waves are therefore much more reliable and can be used to cover base-load energy demand. 

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Global Supply

The moving surface of the ocean covers around 72 % of the earth's total surface - the IEA estimates that the worldwide potential of wave energy equals 8 times Germany's yearly average energy consumption. Two main factors determine the wave energy potential at a given location:


Energy Density & Continuity

Average month

Energy density

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Average energy density contained in waves

Annual continuity of energy density


SINN Power's Solution

The SINN Power wave energy converter (WEC) consists of individual modules, combined and connected in one rigid structure, allowing it to float on the ocean's surface like an anchored ship.
The principle is easy: Through the up-and-down movements of the waves, the attached floating bodies of each module turn a lifting rod in motion. The result of friction: All attached generators produce electricity. 


What makes SINN Power's approach unique?


The core principle of the SINN Power technology is based on modularity. WEC modules can be individually adapted to the energy demand of the customer: Varying from two dozen modules for an island community to several hundred as a large industrial power plant. 


Mass-producible standard components, guarantee easy transport and construction. All items are designed to be shipped in ISO containers, ensuring easy supply to even remote coastal regions with less developed infrastructure.

Pre-assembly makes construction on site simple and fast.


Due to its modular design, the WEC is protected against storms and high waves. It avoids using failure-prone and environmentally harmful hydraulics by implementing a patented energy generation system. 



SINN Power's patented Wave Energy Converters

Modular and scalable design: to harness the unlimited potential of the earth's powerful oceans

Structure mounted WEC modules

Mounted at harbour walls or floating off-shore platforms the WEC modules provide reliable renewable energy. 
Depending on the wave climate, adaptions for energy output and scaling can be made.


Open sea WEC array

Due to its base-load capacity, this
system reduces the number of necessary conventional power plants drastically.


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