Wave Energy Converters

Reliable, Cost-Efficient & Scalable

Available as a single structure-bound power generator or in an scalable network within a floating platform, SINN Power Wave Energy Converters (WEC) convert ocean wave energy into zero-emission electricity. The mass-producible standardized components can be easily transported in ISO containers and then be quickly assembled.


Structure-mounted WEC Module

The SINN Power Wave Energy Converter is an innovative system for generating electricity from ocean waves. The unique approach aims not to fascinate with complexity, but convinces with simplicity and effectiveness. Mass-producible standardized components guarantee cost-efficiency. Intelligent control software maximizes the electricity generation in every wave climate. 

Nominal power

36 kW

Nominal voltage

800 V

Swept area

10 m²


Point absorber

Operating Principle

​The shaft moves the float up and down. Generator stacks are attached to the lifting rod connected to the float, which convert each movement of the lifting rod into electrical energy.

Key Facts

  • 10 m lifting rod length

  • 3.5 m stroke length

  • Parallel connection enabled

  • Allows installation both on fixed objects or in an array on open sea

  • Consists of mass-producible standardized components

  • Easy transport in ISO containers and simple assembly

  • Remote diagnostic services

Related Files

For more detailed information and technical specifications please download the following documents:

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Floating WEC Platform

The WEC Platform enables large-scale power generation from wave energy by integrating a large quantity of WEC modules into one platform.


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