Wave Energy Converters

Reliable, Cost-Efficient & Scalable

Our WEC-modules convert ocean wave energy into zero-emission electricity. The mass-producible standardized components can be easily transported in ISO containers and then be quickly assembled.
Applicable as single unit or with multiple devices in an array structure the power output can be adapted to the needs at the operation site.

Designed to excel, built to last!

Your customized Wave Energy Converter

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Wave Energy Converter (WEC) Modules

SP Single Module 24

The 24 kW module is the entry-level model to supply several households or off-shore activities with electricity.

SP Single Module 36

With 36 kW rated power this WEC module is intended for wave climates with significant average wave height.


Wave Energy Converter (WEC) Arrays

Our smallest open sea WEC array is a simple solution for base load electricity supply.


This system will generate enough energy to supply multiple households with electricity without taking space on land.

SP WEC 3000H

Offering base-load capacity this system reduces the number of necessary conventional power plants drastically.

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