SP WEC 1500M

For Islands and Platforms

Easy to transport and assemble



The SINN Power Wave Energy Converter is an innovative system for generating electricity from ocean waves. The unique approach aims not to fascinate with complexity, but convinces with simplicity and effectiveness. Mass-producible standardized components guarantee cost-efficiency. Intelligent control software maximizes the electricity generation in every wave climate. 

Benefit from one of the most consistent energy sources: waves.

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Nominal power

1512 kW

Set up

7 x 9

Swept area

5251 m²


Point absorber

Key Facts

  • Converts ocean wave energy into zero-emission electricity

  • Base-load capacity

  • 24 kW per module

  • Consists of mass-producible standardized components

  • Easy transport in ISO containers and simple assembly

  • Remote diagnostic services

Operating Principle

WEC arrays consist in a structure holding the modules in place and the WEC converters themselves. The smallest array is 4 x 4 with 6 m distance in width and 12 m distance in length between modules. The floating bodies can carry far more than the sole weight of the construction. Thus, the WEC-array doesn't need to be lifted up in any way with ground-connecting units, which allows installation also in deeper sea. 

Customizations for different requirements

Specific site conditions and energy demand result regularly in different optimal WEC design sizes. Our modular approach allows to customize the plant size as well as mounting system. Subsequently you find several examples:

Technological Highlights

Reliable and cost-efficient technology

Our offshore approach is based on proven technology, in which we have gained extensive knowledge and expertise over intense years of research and development.

The unique features of SINN Power Wave Energy Converters are: Reliability, robustness and a modular, flexible design for optimum adaptation and maximization of production in all wave conditions.

Easy transport and assembly

All components are optimized for ISO containers to allow easy shipments to remote locations worldwide.
As pre-assembly already takes place at our local production site, the final installation is reduced to few simple steps.

Remote diagnostics services

Generator sensors continuously transmit data to our diagnostic centers, enabling the early detection of anomalies and preventing potential failures. By analyzing power output patterns, we can easily optimize your service plan and anticipate repairs before serious damage occurs.


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