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We develop your vision of renewable energy projects und implement those step-by-step. Whether land based projects or floating platforms, our EPC solutions will fit your individual needs.

We are by your side from concept engineering and procurement of the neccessary materials to the final realisation and commissioning to maintenance. This includes the implementation of the floating structure in a modular and scalable way, mooring, installment of the electronic systems and power generation, as well as cabling and grid connection.


Our company stands for efficiency, profitability, and quality in finding the right solution for your ideas for a greener and sustainable future. 

Land-based PV; landbased PV; Solar; Renewable Energy; Green Energy; Clean Energy; Sustainability; Future
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We are experts in ocean engineering and ocean smart grid renewable solutions.


We have a worldwide network of high-tech electronics and complex maritime structures.


We pre-assemble and manage components to an optimum.


We manage complex engineering projects on-site worldwide.

Commissioning (Operation & Transfer)

We bring your projects alive, school your team for operation, support your lifecycle services to your comfort. 

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Roof top and land-based 

Land-based PV; landbased PV; Solar; Renewable Energy; Green Energy; Clean Energy; Sustainability; Future

In just 4 steps to your turn-key power plant

Design Phase - Case Study

Survey (structural integrity of the roof top, feed-in point, business model)

Submission Phase

Construction planning, time estimation, financial estimation, project planning

Quotation Phase

International comissioning, contract management, logistics, insurance, customs

Installation & Comissioning Phase

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), project management, construction & installation, testing

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We are offering a sustainable alternative to meet the world's rising demand for energy. For a better and greener future. 

Contact us to learn more about our state-of-the-art energy solutions.

Our sales team members are located around the world - ready to provide a customized solution that fits your individual project needs. 

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