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About SINN Power

Worldwide innovation leader with a sustainable vision

SINN Power offers energy solutions to provide people living near coasts all over the world with access to clean electricity to enable sustainable development and contribute to our planet at the same time. 

In 2014, Dr. Philipp Sinn founded the company SINN Power based on intense years of academic research. The main goal was, and still is today, to turn the unlimited power of ocean waves into clean and cost-efficient energy that is accessible for everyone. 

Today, five years after SINN Power was founded, we operate fully functional prototypes at our research location in Heraklion and are on the verge of commercializing our technology. 

Dr.-Ing. Philipp Sinn


Founder & CEO


Innovation leader in record time and budget

A collection of SINN Power's biggest milestones


Research project in Heraklion, Greece

Funded by the Federal Government of Germany 



High profile network with partners from academia and industry

Together with strong partners from academia and the industry, SINN Power has taken the idea of renewable energy from the ocean's waves from patent to prototype in less than two years. 

Following long-term tests in Greece, SINN Power's wave energy converter is ready for demonstration and large-scale commercial roll-out. 


Awards & Nominations

Innovation leader in wave energy since 2014

SINN Power has been innovation leader in wave energy since 2014. 

As a startup, SINN Power has been awarded and nominated several times for its revolutionary approach and ambitious vision to provide the world with clean energy.


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