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SINN Power
we float renewables

We are a leading developer of modular floating solar solutions for sustainable power generation technologies designed for harsh and maritime environments.

Using our scalable versatile floating hybrid PV platform with solar, wind and wave and our inhouse-developed IP68 power electronics, we provide the ideal components for all swimming renewable energy power plants.

We configure structural and electrical technologies individually assembled for your site and provide you with a one-stop solution up to grid feed-in.


Our unique approach to

Marine Renewable Electricity Production


More about

Power Electronics for harsh Environments

More about

Power Electronics for harsh Environments


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Our technology could be the perfect solution for your energy project! 

Contact us for more information on how SINN Power can help you achieve lower electricity costs and reduce your CO2 footprint. We advise you on your individual site and provide you with the best and most cost-efficient energy solution.