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R&D Facility | Iraklio, GRE 

SINN Power's location for 1:1 scale prototypes.

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The scope of our research and development

Since 2015 we are testing and developing the SINN Power wave energy converter modules at the breakwater wall in Iraklio, Greece. 
Goal: To produce utilizable electricity to be fed into the grid.

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Research project: To produce grid-compliant electricity with irregular waves

With its revolutionary approach to promote new green energy technology, SINN Power was able to receive a 

€ 1.0 million grant from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in 2017. With this grant, SINN Power is expanding its research activities on Crete with additional wave energy converter tests from 2017 - 2020. 


Five different wave energy converter modules will be installed at the breakwater wall in Heraklion, Greece. 

The goal of this research project is to test the electrical interconnection of several generators in SINN Power wave energy modules. The challenge is to translate the irregular oscillating motion of the waves into grid-compliant electrical current

After the final module prototype is installed in autumn 2019, SINN Power will build and test the first floating wave energy converter array with 21 modules with an overall capacity of 0.75 MW and approximately 1 km away from the coast. 

Wave climate

The coast of Crete located in the Mediterranean Sea has the best environment to test the durability and reliability of our technology within harsh environment.


Especially with heavy storms during the winter months and wave amplitudes up to 10 m at the breakwater wall, allows to test the SINN Power technology during harsh weather circumstances which is a crucial factor to avoid any damage for the customer. 

Why Iraklio?

SINN Power has experienced great support from the local authorities and governmental bodies with regards to legislative and executive tasks. Iraklio has a very good wave climate that allows maintenance and upgrades during the summer when waves are not too high.

Wave Height (m) 

Wave Period (s)

Average Power Output

Project Partners

WEC Development Stages


Two years after the clean-tech startup was founded, the very first SINN Power wave energy converter module was installed at the breakwater wall in Heraklion, Greece. The prototype was built after several scaled wave channel testings. 

Technical facts: 

  • Proof of functionality 

  • Corrosion-resistant surface

  • Amount of generators: 4 


As part of the "6th Energy Research programme", funded by the Federal Government of Germany, SINN Power installed the module generation 2.0 with mechanical and electrical improvements and an overall cost reduction. 

Technical improvements: 

  • Improved mechanical design

  • Fully design makeover for floating bodies (less fragile attack surface) 

  • Improved power electronics

  • Generators are now in IP 68 protection class 


The third generation follows in 2019 after 2.0 survived a stormy winter season in Heraklion. SINN Power is now ready to reach the final module setup. Construction, mechanics and power electronics will be fully developed. 

Technical improvements: 

  • Different variations of generators are possible 

  • Storm emergency brake system


The agile and scalable development approach makes SINN Power one of the first developers worldwide who builds and tests power-generating systems in the sea. 

This is not only a R&D project, but also a fundamental step to lead the path of establishing wave energy and the SINN Power technology within the renewable energy mix.

Technological Highlights: 

  • Swept area of 864 m² 

  • 21 WEC modules 

  • Capacity of 0.75 MW 

  • 168 integrated PowerTrains