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View the frequently asked questions below.

Do I need a big assembly area?

No. Due to its modularity, our platforms only need a small assembly area on land. After assembling each unit on land, the entire platform will be assembled on the water.

Do the platforms require high maintenance work? 

No. Due to the usage of durable and UV- and salt-water-resistant materials, we provide a low maintenance system design. Also, electrical components can be easily accessed via dedicated walkways.

Are the platforms robust enough to withstand all kinds of environmental impact? 

Yes, they definitely are. All components are designed according to dedicated directives and standards (DNVGL, et. al.). Furthermore, hydrostatic as well as hydrodynamic simulations are carried out for every platform and mooring type using state-of-the-art software solutions.

Do the platforms have a high environmental impact?

They do not. The use of the platforms on water not only has a low environmental impact, but even brings benefits for flora and fauna.



What is the predicted lifespan of the platforms?


 20+ years.

What kind of permits do I need to install a floating PV platform?

We will support and advice you in the process of getting the needed (location specific) permits. 

How much space do I need for a plant?

That depends on the needed PV capacity and the used PV panels. As a rule of thumb, 1,7-2,0 MWp PV can be installed per hectare.

For further questions, please contact our Business Development Team.

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