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Our floating hybrid multipurpose platform is designed for harsh maritime environments.

As a custom technology carrier, it can be equipped with photovoltaics, small wind turbines, and wave energy converters - depending on your individual project site. This energy mix ensures continuous power supply with high baseload capacity and reliability through redundancy and availability. 

Our modular design allows shipping in standard ISO-containers and easy set-up with standard tools and equipment. 


- Modules

Wave Energy Converters


The patented Wave Energy Converter (WEC) is based on point absorber technology. It can be mounted to each corner of the SOcean unit block. For all components sea-water resistant materials are used. 

Working Platform

SOcean Working Platform 2.png

The working platform module can be used as a standalonevplatform or in combination with SOcean floating solar modules. Various floor types are available.



On each SOcean unit block, 66 PV modules are mounted on the substructure. The PV modules are approx. 5 m above sea level.  

Small Wind Turbines


To each corner of the SOcean unit block either a WEC or a small wind turbine can be mounted - enabling an optimized site-specific energy mix. 

Modular in size and structure

Modular Renewable Energy Offshore Swimming Floating Platform

Adjustable buoyancy for different load scenarios

Wave Energy Converter Sinn Power

IP68 protected and corrosion resistant

OHP corrosion resistant wave converter and floating platform component

- Specifications

Dimensions - Unit Block                    12 m x 12 m x 6 m (standard)

Dimensions - Floating Body              Diameter: 3.2 m

Buoyancy - Floating Bodies               6000 kg

Weight - Unit Block Structure            5.2 t 

Weight - Floating Body                       606 kg

Weight - PV Panel                                34 kg

Weight - Unit Block Total                    10,26 t

Draft                                                      1,43 m

Renewable Source                              Solar, Wind, Waves

Number of PV Panels                        50

Structure Material                               Maritime Aluminium

Floating Body Material                       Polyethylene

Number of Floating Bodies               4

Orientation PV Panels                        East West - Tilt Angle 30°

Power PV Panels                                 32.8 kWp

Wind Proof                                           60 m/s -> 216 km/h

Max. Wave Height                               20 m (12 m SWH)

Transportation                                     40' Standard Container


Mooring                                                Certified Mooring System 


- Test Platform Installation Heraklion

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We are offering a sustainable alternative to meet the world's rising demand for energy. For a better and greener future. 

Contact us to learn more about our state-of-the-art energy solutions.

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